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Evaluation of Royal Society Research Professorship Scheme


The Careers Research and Advisory Centre has been commissioned to undertake an evaluation of the Research Professor scheme, the Royal Society’s premier research award which provides long term support to world-class researchers of outstanding achievement and promise. Previous award holders include Nobel Laureates and Presidents of the Royal Society.

Our evaluation will consider how effective current processes of selection, administration and delivery of the award are, assess the relevance and fit of the scheme in the current research landscape and context, and generate an understanding of the extent to which the aims of the Research Professorship scheme are being met.

As part of this evaluation, we are conducting a short survey of those who have held the Research Professorship award to gain insight individuals’ experience of the award and understand their views on the support and opportunities provided by this award.  

We will also be undertaking interviews with award holders to generate additional more detailed insights to the perceived additionality of the award, including the career impact of the Research Professorship and the extent to which the award has enabled individuals to achieve their research vision.

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Evaluation of Royal Society Research Professorship Scheme