Career guidance roundtable summary report published


The Career Development Policy Group (CDPG), of which The Careers Research and Advisory Centre (CRAC) Ltd is a founding member, have published a summary of the three virtual roundtables recently hosted, discussing the career guidance system in England. The roundtables that CRAC contributed to, were held during the spring of 2022 and attended by key stakeholders of over 40 organisations to progress the Career Guidance Guarantee (CGG) – helping enhance career guidance across the UK education and employment systems.

Key concerns highlighted in the report include:

  •     -The lack of strategy, vision and operational coherence in the current system
  •     -Patchiness of delivery across different localities, sectors and age groups
  •     -Inadequate funding
  •     -A depleted and demoralised careers profession

Challenges and issues discussed on the agenda included issues for young people; issues for Higher Education; issues for adults; publishing a national careers strategy; finishing the Gatsby revolution; challenging youth unemployment; developing graduates’ careers; supporting lifelong career development and ensuring quality and professionalism.

Following the roundtable discussions, an updated version of the Career Guidance Guarantee (CCG) has also been developed, calling for greater coherence in the current system.

Read the roundtable summary report and updated CCG

Career guidance roundtable summary report published