Emergency career development plan post-Covid-19


Career Development Policy Group (CDPG) has taken a long hard look at the looming labour market crisis and sets out to explain why the government needs to invest in careers guidance now, and what needs to happen in the short, medium and long term. This is a costed proposal - £26 million to fund the delivery of careers guidance for young people and adults between July and the end of the year.

Clare Viney, Chief Executive, Careers Research & Advisory Centre (CRAC) quotes:
“CRAC urges the government to invest in the Career Guidance Guarantee and reinforce careers guidance now to avoid a lost generation of young people and minimise negative effects on those whose job circumstances have changed as a result of this crisis. CRAC provides research, intelligence and innovation services for all those who support career development; we would welcome the opportunity to contribute to a much-needed review of England’s current fragmented careers provision and creation of a more robust lifelong system.”

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Emergency career development plan post-Covid-19