Internationalisation of higher education

The Value of Transnational Education to the UK (BIS, 2014)


The UK is a leading provider of transnational education (TNE), with a diverse and complex range of modes of delivery involving many HE institutions, which have responded in enterprising ways to local needs. CRAC led a team of specialist partners/consultants to provide an improved understanding of the landscape of TNE operations by UK HE institutions.  The project included a census of TNE activity by UK institutions, and case studies of TNE delivery modes for sample programmes,  in order to develop national estimates of scale, income and value for key models of delivery.

From April 2014, additional research commenced with TNE alumni to identify potential and realised wider and indirect benefits to participants and also to UK HE institutions and the UK itself, for the main delivery TNE modes. This will enable comparison with findings of recent research by CRAC into the wider benefits of international HE in the UK.

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The Value of Transnational Education to the UK (BIS, 2014)