CRAC director

Dr. Robin Mellors-Bourne

Director of Research and Intelligence

Robin joined CRAC in 2004 as Commercial & Business Development Director, and has led several of its business functions prior to his current role as Director of Research & Intelligence. He has particular research interests in work experience and employability, STEM careers and evaluation, as well as undertaking research for Vitae, and also in developing career learning outside formal education settings. He has authored numerous evaluation and research studies across these fields, for Government departments, its agencies and other education and employer organisations.

In addition to his research portfolio, Robin holds or has recently held advisory positions on several national career-related programmes, including Futuretrack, the ‘National STEM Careers and Choices' programme and projects at the Institute of Education. He is also a member of the national Careers Innovation Group.

Prior to joining CRAC, after enjoying the independence and travel of a PhD in geology, Robin worked in scientific publishing. In a career of 15 years he worked for a number of companies in editorial and publishing roles, and was Director of Publishing at the IEE (Institution of Electrical Engineers, now the IET), a large international technical publisher.

Dr. Robin Mellors-Bourne